4. For Partially Sighted Readers

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4.1. Making Documents More Visible

The following is advisable:

  • Font size should be a minimum of 16 point
  • All fonts should be clear and all texts in clear contrast to the background colour. In particular, green on red or red on green should always be avoided, since it makes texts invisible to those who are colour-blind.
  • There should be only one background colour for all texts.
  • Electronic maps and plans should have a magnify function. Also, such documents should have a high contrast version with white writing on dark backgrounds (for less glare).

4.2. Large Print

Large Print (paper) versions of documents should be available on request with no extra charge to the person requesting it.

4.3. Fonts

By default, there should only be one font in a document, and that font should be simple and clear.

Some visually impaired people have their own preferences for font types and sizes, and for this reason (among others), digital documents should be as editable as possible when they reach the receiver.

If a large print document has been requested, the visually impaired person’s preference of font size and font type must be respected.

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