1. Introduction

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Voice of Vision Impairment, as a Disabled Persons Organisation (DPO),, is Ireland’s representative organisation for blind and partially sighted people under the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD). The below guide is based on the pooled expertise and vast collective experience of our members, all of whom are visually impaired. Under the CRPD, VVI’s perspective on the subject matter below must be prioritised over those of other civil society organisations, such as service providers and ally-led groups. Legally and morally, our voice is the one that matters.

Furthermore, as per Article 4 (3) of the CRPD, national DPOs such as VVI must be proactively approached at the outset of any initiatives regarding planning, policy, or design, as partners in co-design.

For more information on the role and nature of DPOs under the CRPD, see the detailed legal opinion commissioned by VVI on the matter, in 2021.

This manual is a VVI policy document, and is intended to be very practical and useful. As technology evolves, and as we continue to take on board the lived experience of our members, this manual will also evolve in order to remain as relevant and accurate as possible.

Should you have any comments or questions relating to this manual, we very much look forward to hearing from you – email info@vvi.ie

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