Voice of Vision Impairment

Representing the interests and defending the Human Rights of blind and partially sighted people in Ireland.

VVI is Ireland’s national representative organisation for visually impaired people, specifically focusing on our rights and needs from a visually impaired perspective. In this, we are part of a wider movement of what are known as Disabled Persons Organisations (DPOs).

All VVI members and representatives have a visual impairment, and since we are not a service-provider, we use our expertise to represent the interests and needs of all visually impaired service-users.

We also very much welcome members who have other impairments as well as being partially sighted or blind, and our policies are very much influenced by the particular needs arising from combinations of visual impairment with other impairments.

So, if you have a visual impairment and live in Ireland, please join us for free. Simply email us at info@vvi.ie, giving your name and local authority area.

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